What Does Your Maturity Barometer Say?

I recently analyzed the elements of a (mostly subconscious) process that I use to measure my own maturity and that of others:

  1. In conversation, are others given the benefit of a doubt before they are condemned?
  2. Is the best being assumed about another’s motives?
  3. Are communications productive vs. full of anger, worry, or fear?
  4. Are the statements made about others constructive vs. destructive?
  5. Is responsibility taken for circumstances vs. playing the victim?
  6. Is kindness shown toward people from whom there is nothing to gain?
  7. Is sincere interest demonstrated in others vs. indifference or positioning?
  8. Is there a willingness to listen to, rather than refute, the opinions of others?
  9. Is there passion to improve even though it may involve vulnerability or pain?

What you get



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