Marks of Greatness

“…the warmth of his dark-blue eyes certified a delicate mind and a cordial, brave nature. Fifty years or more had spent themselves upon him with no other effect than to tinge his demeanor with gravity and temper his words with forethought. The brightness of his soul was untouched.” -Lew Wallace (from Ben Hur)

Wow! These are the qualities I want to have:

  1. Bright soul untouched by age
  2. Words tempered with forethought
  3. Gravitas
  4. Brave nature
  5. Sensitivity
  6. Cordial with all

I’ll work on it today by:

  1. Hanging out with people like this (everywhere; in books, in other cultures, in the places I go, and the relationships I choose)
  2. Spending time quieting my soul so that I remove all obstacles to these behaviors
  3. Rejecting the easy way out

What could be more valuable?

face of depth


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