Complaining about Thanksgiving

Ironic…but sadly true.

Many people do not have family and friends with whom to celebrate, which, understandably causes sadness. But, unfortunately, those of us who do, still find things to complain about.

Top complaints you might hear while “being thankful:”

  1. I ate too much
  2. I’m so tired
  3. Thanksgiving is too much work
  4. Everyone expects me to cook for them and do all the work
  5. So ‘n so is such a jerk
  6. So ‘n so drank too much
  7. So ‘n so is so rude
  8. I’m bored

Wanna have better holidays? Start by taking the 24 Hour Challenge.

  1. No complaints.
  2. No whining.
  3. Substitute with compliments and gratitude.
  4. After cleaning up the airspace for the first day…do us all a favor and keep going.


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