Black Friday History Exposed

After Thanksgiving dinner…

  • Relatives got tired of bickering or rolling our eyes at each other
  • We were already on to the next thing
  • We were forced (by satiation) to look for other things to entertain ourselves with besides food and drink
  • We had nothing to talk about with people we didn’t like very much
  • The game was over
  • Retailers saw a great opportunity to tackle a bored audience

I remember the first year shopping was an option. I was thoroughly thrilled to have some place to go! Looking back through the lens of time and change, I now see my glaring inability to…

  • find delight in the moment
  • make the most of a rare opportunity to show interest in others
  • quit posturing and hustling for my worthiness
  • refrain from judging



Or this?

black friday



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