The Vicious “Sigh-cle” of Insomnia

(Disclaimer: I am commenting on my own experience here, not attempting to over-simplifying this problem for other sufferers.)

The script:

I’m wide frickin awake…I can’t believe I’m wide frickin awake…I need to sleep…I really need to sleep…I’m so frustrated that I can’t sleep…I’ll be _____________ (worthless, useless, in trouble, a basket case, sick, incompetent, or dead) if I don’t get some sleep…But I can’t sleep no matter what I do…This is so bad…

But, it is actually the script that’s bad…and totally fruitless. Release from the vicious sigh-cle resides in:

  • Ceasing to play all-knowing decision-maker and judge about what is good and what is not good for me
  • Non-resistance
  • Making a choice to:
    • Get up and work on something productive or
    • Practice gratitude



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2 thoughts on “The Vicious “Sigh-cle” of Insomnia

  1. I shall try this next time as last night i suffered terribly. Thanks for sharing!

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