Avoiding The Spin-Out

If we want to get more out of 2015, we might start by avoiding the spin-out into states of:

  • anger
  • overwhelm
  • frustration, and/or
  • depression

Easier said than done, right?

Yes, unless…

Unless we stop the spin-out before it starts.

Recently, I was taken off guard by bad news. I felt angry that other people had dealt unfairly with me, overwhelmed with yet one more thing I had to deal with, frustrated, and powerless to change the situation, which led to lethargy and depression. And, I knew I was going to spill all these emotions onto others.

untitled (3)

But, I stopped and followed the seven-minute-rule instead:

  1. Feel it for seven minutes.
  2. Then, ask, “Is there anything I can do about it?”
  3. If so, identify a first step.
  4. If not, let it go.



2 thoughts on “Avoiding The Spin-Out

  1. Reblogged this on Little Anna B (Anna Bianca) and commented:
    Wonderful words.

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