Joyful Noise Therapy?

At a Tony Robbins seminar, we created a “personal power move and exclamation” for use when we needed a quick change from a negative state into a productive state. Tony’s philosophy was that feeling better had much to do with our words, how we say them, and how we move.

It felt weird, but it worked.

I have successfully escaped sadness and despair many times by simply using that technique.

Last week I understood that Tony Robbins’s practice and Psalm 100 (written thousands of years ago) were identical techniques, both implying that we can create a state of joy by:

  • Singing
  • Shouting joyfully
  • Displaying gratitude
  • Thinking about joyful things
  • Honoring our Creator for our existence

I’ve known this Psalm for years, but thought it was just suggesting worship. It wasn’t. It was a remedy.




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