Wasted Talents

When we fail to fully utilize our talents…

  1. Our souls shrink
  2. The world misses out on the gift
  3. We mourn the loss of the life we could’ve had
  4. We steal joy from others

How we justify it:

  1. “I have to make a living.”
  2. “I’ve tried but it didn’t work out.”
  3. “I don’t have any talents.”

Our calling alludes us because:

  1. We ignored the signs indicating our path (because uncertainty was scary)
  2. We ignored our hearts (because change was scary)
  3. We ignored the feedback from others (because we were afraid to hope)
  4. We ignored the discipline it would take to excel (because it was easier to do what we always did)


It’s never too late to start a different story about ourselves.



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