I’d Like to Introduce You to My Censor

I asked a woman the other day what her ideal job would look like and she jumped completely over the question and introduced me to her “censor.” Without a moment’s hesitation, the “censor” gave an automated response, “But, I have financial obligations.”

I wonder how many times we have missed something important because our “censor” is programed to intercept incoming hope.

Our brains are ready and willing to help us find a path to our best lives, but, when the “censor” says it’s not practical, possible, or probable, our problem-solving personal super-computer slumps over to the corner of our existence and shuts down.


I am just becoming conscious of the many times in a day that I under-utilize my God-given brain by telling it what is possible.




2 thoughts on “I’d Like to Introduce You to My Censor

  1. Good morning, Pam. Today I have written 3 pages in my journal on this very subject. Thank you for reminding me that I live the exact life that I choose to live.

  2. So proud of you, Kerman

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