Condemnation Flows Like Water out of a Faucet

Unless we consciously turn off the valve.

I challenge us for one day to notice how many times we:

  1. Accuse someone else of stupidity
  2. Pronounce someone mean or insensitive
  3. Condemn someone else’s choices or tastes
  4. Decide another person is unworthy of love or respect

What if we started by carefully editing that stuff out of our vocabulary just so our words would be a tad more merciful?

What if we talked about something else instead…maybe something useful?

What if were kind and assertive and said what needed to be said, instead of hiding behind gossip?

What if eventually we even thought kinder, more patient thoughts?

What if, when we turned the faucet back on, only wisdom flowed out?

What if we helped ourselves by doing so?


4 thoughts on “Condemnation Flows Like Water out of a Faucet

  1. I love the picture, so true!

  2. This was very much needed today!

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