People-watching is a common pastime, yet it can quickly turn into people-judging, unless…before opening our mouths, or even before formulating a thought about someone, we remind ourselves of this…

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Protecting ourselves from jerks, asserting ourselves, or claiming our rights, is often essential. Yet, even in these cases, it is important to remember:

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Navigating relationships with bosses, coworkers, relatives, or romantic partners can be an emotional roller-coaster or even a dangerous mine-field. Remembering this lessens the tension and redeems the experience…

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In the end, relationships are everything. In the end, it will always be about our relationships and how we handled them…

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Allies or enemies.

Friends or foes.

Lovers or strangers.

And always, when stakes are high.

“With malice toward none, with charity for all.” Lincoln


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