Before You Get Mad at a Bad Driver

The guy who parked over the line and took up two parking spaces:

a) could be very selfish, or

b) could have parked poorly because someone else parked terribly wrong before he got there

The woman who is talking on the phone while driving:

a) could be clueless, or

b) could be taking an emergency call about a seriously-ill child 

The car that is causing you a traffic nightmare by refusing to go the speed limit:

a) should have stayed off the roads entirely, or

b) could be having car problems, or

c) is behind another car that is slowing everyone down, including them

So many possible explanations.

So much room for mercy.

Assume the Best

Someday, we’ll be the “bad driver” who deserves the benefit of the doubt.



2 thoughts on “Before You Get Mad at a Bad Driver

  1. Yeh. I keep telling this to my wife. She’s one of the kindest people I know, much gentler than me, but don’t cross her on the road, she will change to a savage animal. It would hilarious, if it wasn’t so embarrassing.

    I think its a reflex (they call it road rage) a form of turrets.

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