Turn It into Glory

name your days

What are we naming Today?

  1. “I’ve Gotta Go to Work?”
  2. “Why Do Things Have to Be This Way?”
  3. “I Wish My Life Was Different”
  4. “Why Me?”
  5. “They Make Me Sick”
  6. “If Only”
  7. “It’s Not Fair”
  8. “How Am I Going to Make It through This Day?”
  9. “I Hate My Life”
  10. “It Hurts Too Much”

I now have new names for my days.

  1. The Best Day Ever
  2. The Day I Make a Difference
  3. My Favorite Day
  4. I’m ALIVE!
  5. Stand Back and Watch a Miracle
  6. Alchemy: Turning a Lump of Coal into Gold
  7. Singing It Like I Mean It
  8. Making Up for Lost Time
  9. Starting Fresh
  10. I’ve Got the POWER!

And now, I am the proud owner of my days.

2 thoughts on “Turn It into Glory

  1. Wow – I so LOVE this! 🙂

    Happy Best Day Ever!


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