Powerlessness: The Gateway to Power?

“It wasn’t something I could’ve done a few days ago. My ability to direct (my power) like a spotlight–this was new. What else, I wondered, was left to discover about myself?”

– Ransom Riggs (Hollow City)

These words of the frightened protagonist in Hollow City were my exact thoughts upon waking from a dream where I was manipulating matter and levitating objects in an extremely life-like, tragic situation.

But, I also felt the same astonishment about myself after I delivered a moving presentation and after I wrote my first book and my first blog.

I really, truly didn’t know I had it in me.

I wonder…do we all have a profound, noble core aching to respond to faint whispers from eternity, saying, “You are more than you have ever dreamed.”?



One thought on “Powerlessness: The Gateway to Power?

  1. Aspire to achieve those things we never thought we were capable of…PASSION, DETETRMINATION, and INSPIRATION can get you there.

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