April Fool! You’ve Got Ignorant Pain.

Ignorant Pain, n.  Foolish suffering or frustration usually accompanied by complaining or fretting. Could have been prevented by using Google, aps, asking for help, or reading; see

  • Putting up with bad cell-reception at home because I didn’t know I could get a free signal booster from my service provider
  • Reinventing the wheel because I didn’t know there were “aps for that”
  • Feeling all alone in my pain because I didn’t watch TED, YouTube, or read blogs about other people with the same issues
  • Missing easy fixes because I was too ashamed or embarrassed to be honest

Not even mentioning missed career, business, and love opportunities because I decided to believe there was nothing that could be done.

Do you foolishly give up too quickly or…

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3 thoughts on “April Fool! You’ve Got Ignorant Pain.

  1. I am definitely a learning junkie! 1-hour of motivational speeches while I exercise (no time wasted there!), and read a book a week. This is my recipe for energy and motivation!

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