Illusion of Lack

Before taking charge of his future, Tony Robbins sat in his 400 sq. ft. apartment, crying over feeling helpless and lost.

J.K. Rowling thought she was the biggest failure that ever lived.

Before Billy Joel’s success, he was broke, homeless, loveless, and thought suicide was the answer.

Buckminster Fuller thought his life was worth less than his life insurance.

Even the best of us can be tricked by this illusion.

I refused to be tricked yesterday, and will refuse to be tricked today. The “illusion of lack” is deadly.

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5 thoughts on “Illusion of Lack

  1. Short, simple and to the point. Powerful, even. Thank you. I needed to read this today!

  2. just your email address…it’s very obscure on the side of the post. I just look carefully so that I can have a personalized response

  3. So sorry for the violation of privacy

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