What? You Want Me to Take Off the Electronic Leash?

But I like being distracted by dings, rings, and chimes

You go right ahead and leave that leash behind

You can mute, disable, and ignore

While I jump up and run for more

Emails, calls, tweets, and texts

The simple relief from work I detest

Or the projects I promise to undertake

After a tinnnny little technology break


I know you need the quiet and the rest

To concentrate and reflect

But, seriously, 

I gotta have shiny, communication things

For my mind’s wildly flapping angel wings

untitled (2)

This silly poem is my attempt to illustrate the classic clash of the spontaneous, people-focused vs. the scheduled, task-focused.

People-focused get their energy from socializing.

Task-focused get their energy from being alone.

So, can we stop judging each other now?

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4 thoughts on “What? You Want Me to Take Off the Electronic Leash?

  1. Ha ha. Like that image of the man shooting up with a phone.

    Happy Friday!


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Yep, this is pretty funny! I think regardless of what kind of person you are, it’s great to disconnect for a while, be it from technology or people. Maybe just a weekend camping trip. That always helps me recharge.

  3. You are so right! I have to make a conscious effort to connect with my “center” before I try to connect with ANYONE else, and remember that my SOURCE is not outside of myself.

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