Got Intellectual Inflexibility?

When we think we already know.

Much suffering in our world has come from intellectual inflexibility. It’s a serious occupational hazard…in any occupation.

To keep me from becoming antiquated, stuck, arrogant, and intolerant, I most definitely should:

  • Listen to those whom I think don’t know anything
  • Quit spouting my opinions
  • Refuse to be territorial in my areas of “expertise”
  • Say yes instead of no
  • Catch myself when I am shutting down to, instead of hearing, advice or opinions contrary to my own


untitled (26)



4 thoughts on “Got Intellectual Inflexibility?

  1. Great post. Everyone should read this! The smartest people have learned to listen more than they have learned to talk.

  2. Thanks for your wise remarks. Still workin’ on learning this one.

  3. This is real! I love it

  4. Thanks so much for your support and for the follow!

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