When Feeling Below Average

When feeling below average

When nothing seems to be working

When obstacles are more abundant than opportunities

When “everyone” appears better, happier, more successful

Or the world seems beyond repair

And hope is, well,

Such a stupid word


There is only one fix


Okay, stop. Don’t say it.

Don’t tell me to be grateful

I already tried gratitude

But it is only another wall

I cannot climb



But did you know that gratitude is also a seed

A seed that will sprout against the wall

And yield a vine

With time

A vine that will climb

Until it reaches the other side 

And sees the open sky

And feels the healing breeze

And tastes the living spring 

And hears the spirit call?


4 thoughts on “When Feeling Below Average

  1. Below average is just I feel unless you are acting below average, then reality is you are below average until you start acting above average. Yes, plant the vine and climb to a better position.

  2. Word! Thanks for the wise comment!

  3. How interesting! I just read somewhere that showing gratitude can actually attract the positive into your life

  4. Most definitely!!! It sure changes your energy and makes you more interesting and fun to be around.

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