When I Like Myself More

Sometimes it is an overdue slap in the face

To catch myself acting entitled and bratty

While others are dealing with hell on earth

My small slights and upsets

Taking center stage

While brutal tragedies and disquieting injustices 

Play out

So close to, but so far off, my tiny-world radar


I like people who live big not small

Who notice

Who read

Who refuse to think their own story is all there is

I like myself more

When I am like that


3 thoughts on “When I Like Myself More

  1. Love the Roger Ebert quote. I couldn’t agree more. Happy Wednesday!


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    • Thanks Sean. I like the Roger Ebert quote too. In context, he’s talking about the movies’ ability to increase our ability to empathize with others outside of our experience. When I was acting, this is what I enjoyed the most; getting to honor another person’s experience by walking in their shoes.

  2. Its so important to remember that there is a world outside of our own…that our struggles are minor to some and sometimes just acknowledging that is a step toward creating change.

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