The Rarest of Qualities

First meeting someone

I may be impressed with their intelligence

Beauty, talent, wealth, or power

But the one quality

That grabs and holds my attention is

A persons’ quality of seeing


It is so absolutely rare

To meet someone

Who sees me

Instead of their own agenda

Who listens instead of talks

About themselves

Who is open to learn

Instead of hopelessly in love

With their own thoughts


Wow, when I meet someone like this

I’m instantly in love

Outward appearances fall away

And I suddenly remember that

All the other qualities may burn me

(or dissolve away)

But this one quality of presence

Brings health, healing, hope

And heaven with it




2 thoughts on “The Rarest of Qualities

  1. I absolutely love this! Couldn’t agree more and I strive to be a good listener and gentle empathetic soul to all people.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to say so! Keep up the good work!

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