Mercy Is Closer Than We Think

The worse part of despair is feeling like it is permanent. You are sentenced to life in prison. Nothing can be done.

When I look back on my years there, I can still feel the suffocation of that narrow place.

But now, I can marvel at my escape; that all I had to do was puncture the wall of my confining beliefs, reach outside it, and defy the rigid worldview that held me captive.


Mercy was always closer than I thought

But for years I reached for it

To find only a cryptic note

From someone I didn’t know

That, if translated, would read


I shrank and squirmed instead

Until I understood the cryptic note 

For what it really said

“Stretch…or else”




2 thoughts on “Mercy Is Closer Than We Think

  1. Aaaaamen! Good stuff!

  2. I do the same when feeling distressed. Remembering how I overcame something similar once before, helps me to believe that this too shall pass.

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