Self-Righteous BS Alert

Whenever we hear ourselves snorting…

  • I would never do that!
  • I am always thoughtful of other’s feelings.
  • I would never lie about something like that.
  • I would never treat someone that way.
  • I have never been as selfish as they are.
  • etc.

We should stop immediately, take our blinders off, and ask someone for a second opinion concerning our own character.

The truth is…we all hurt each other. We all have our moments. We all are subject to limitations and to self-preservation pressures.

Remembering that helps us not to…

  • Say stupid stuff about others
  • Think we are somehow superior to someone else



One thought on “Self-Righteous BS Alert

  1. Yeah, I’ve definitely had to check myself a time or 2. Sometimes I feel as if I am exempt from having negative behaviors or thoughts but truly this could’t be any further from the truth.

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