The Stupidest Mistakes

The stupidest mistakes I ever made

Were only these very small things:

Mistaking intolerance for morality

And arrogance for wisdom

Mistaking my opinions for God’s

And my judgements for love


So if I seem too tolerant now

Or too slow to judge

It may be because

I’ve entered a guilty plea to the court

And stand humbly at the mercy

Of the God I was impersonating

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(Although, this is not a direct Biblical quote, I once did a verse-by-verse count of all the passages in the New Testament that pertained to the subject of love. It was hundreds more than those that pertained to sexual practices. It seems humans have generally found it much easier to fixate on “sexual sins” than upon those that do so much more damage.)

7 thoughts on “The Stupidest Mistakes

  1. It don’t matter the source.

  2. Reblogged this on Whisper of Angels and commented:
    Gaining in wisdom slows us down and gives us time to reflect. All true reflection aids us in understanding ourselves and where we came from and this then assists us in seeing ourselves in a better light. This leads us to being more kind to ourselves and others.

    • So true! It’s so important to embrace a true picture of ourselves, and then forgive ourselves for the inconsistencies or flaws. That makes accepting others so pure and simple. Am actually blogging about the first part of that tomorrow. Thanks so much juju for your insightful comment.

  3. Seriously, the first part of the post was so deep that I had to take some time to mediate on it. It sparked an entire discussion with me and my colleague. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. It means a heck of a lot that you would tell me that. I love conversations about things that matter!! Made my day!

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