Nowhere to Run

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This theme of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray merits contemplation, but being able to really see our own character is tricky.

The difficult arises because we have pasted pictures of ourselves in front of our actual image by…

  • getting defensive whenever anyone points out a flaw
  • avoiding certain truth-tellers
  • numbing ourselves out
  • deflecting accusations by accusing others
  • patting ourselves on the back by comparing ourselves to axe-murderers or ISIS

Some of us have avoided character revelations so successfully that the only time we really see our true self is in our dreams, or when we wake up in the middle of the night thinking about all the stupid things we’ve done, or when our conscious won’t let us get to sleep.

Mature people aren’t afraid to look.

2 thoughts on “Nowhere to Run

  1. This is a painful truth – I definitely am guilty of avoiding character revelations quite often. I almost said “well at least I don’t …..” after reading this lol. Yep, guilty! Thanks for sharing. I think we need these “reality checks” more often than not.

  2. haha thanks for the honesty!

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