The Times We Cause the Pain

Often we spend so much time thinking and complaining about those who hurt us that we forget we are sometimes doing the hurting.

If I am brave enough to listen to my critics (family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, exes, or whomever) I may find that I…

  1. Talk too much about myself
  2. Think it has to be my way
  3. Argue and judge before I listen
  4. Am inflexible and sometimes self-righteous
  5. Am insensitive
  6. Have forgotten to be grateful
  7. etc.


One of the best deterrents to gossip, whining, and complaining is cultivating the courage to confront ourselves first.

9 thoughts on “The Times We Cause the Pain

  1. Love this. My avatar on the Living Sober website is the quote by Roosevelt. 👍🏻

  2. So good of you! Thanks for sharing…and for making a difference!

  3. This comes at an awesome time! I just wrote a post about changing your “flaws” or choosing to accept who you are/have become. I think your post highlights a good way to identify when its time to change some things – when its negatively hurting those around you.

  4. Need to hear this… often… unfortunately. But important to be reminded!

  5. This was SO good!

  6. Thanks for encouraging me e!

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