Own It All


So, we have a choice. We can claim our not-so-glamorous, crazy stuff and claim our genius or…disown our not-so-glamorous, crazy stuff and disown our genius.

We can accept the mystery of our path and cash in on the serendipity of it all or…be angry about our path and lose the serendipity of it all.

We can forgive ourselves for being off, weird, and imperfect or…be angry with the people who think we are off, weird, and imperfect.

I’ve decided to own it all now, instead of waiting until it’s over; when the ah-ha moment clears up everything and I realize all of us have been cracked all along and, still, the treasure is perfectly packed inside, waiting for us to let it shine.

4 thoughts on “Own It All

  1. Amen sister!
    The last line is perfect prose!

  2. I just lost my job yesterday, so this post is abundantly relevant to my current situation. I am going to accept the mystery of this path and cash in 😉

  3. So sorry about your loss. So glad for your positive attitude!

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