Stay in the Sweet Moments

If we want to be happier, according to Dr. Rick Hanson in Hardwiring Happiness, we have to build strong neural pathways of happy thoughts. I’m paraphrasing, but his point is that we tend to brush past, forget about, or underplay the pleasant in our quest for protection and survival. Purposefully pausing to contemplate the good will do a world of on-going good for our health and happiness.

Skip these extra seconds of quiet contemplation and risk being caught up in the machinery of staying alive, without the enjoyment of doing so.

images (48)

Suggested adjustments:

  • See something pleasant? Take a picture or take a moment with it.
  • Think something nice about someone? Tell them.
  • Feel gratitude? Say it out loud to yourself, talk about it, or journal it.

Ahhh, so sweet.

2 thoughts on “Stay in the Sweet Moments

  1. “the machinery of staying alive” – wow…that’s one accurate and heck of a way to describe a life like this. Beautiful and thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you for letting me know it has meaning for you. I am currently churning out another book and need the encouragement to keep writing. You helped me keep going! Hope your day is going well too.

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