Who Invited Me?

Who invited me

To be the judge and jury of politicians and other flawed beings?

Who asked for my

Expert advice about how the universe SHOULD be run?

Who am I to judge

Those who have tried and failed or whose motives may be suspect?

If I want to judge

I must try myself or not cast stones at those who do

If I come down

Off my throne and enter the race

It may prove

To be tougher than it looks from above the fray

It’s okay

To have an opinion and yes, passion, about what is fair

If I am

Willing to do more than screech about how I care

Speak up

I wrote this because I have found it easier to become a critique machine rather than change agent.

4 thoughts on “Who Invited Me?

  1. Reblogged this on Your Sistah-Girl and commented:
    Such a great thought!

  2. You are amazing lol. Whine only about what you are willing to change or play a part in changing. Love it!

  3. Thank you. Just one step toward drama-free, right?

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