When I Think My Life is Difficult

Ken Follett’s book, World Without End reminded me that I am tough enough to handle whatever comes, by…

  1. Showing me how much more difficult living conditions were in the 14th Century, and
  2. Giving me courageous characters to role-model

Today, tempted to procrastinate my work (because I am so tired and I am not inspired, etc.) I read a passage about Gwenda being sold by her own father for a cow. And that was only the beginning of the trouble. Her new owner was making her a prostitute and she had no choice but to risk her life by stabbing a creep who was raping her.

That pretty much slapped me into gratitude. Now gliding through the rest of my day with a smile!


…and the wisdom to know the difference.

2 thoughts on “When I Think My Life is Difficult

  1. this quote was very moving. Just reading it was a humbling experience

  2. Thank you nosyjosie. Humbled together.

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