The Cost of No

For years a friend asked me to learn tennis. I said no because I was not athletic and had never been good at any sport. My friend persevered and I finally tried. It was months before I could hit the ball over the net, but now playing tennis is a critical part of my physical and mental health.

The reasons I said no to something so good?

  • I thought I would look like a fool
  • I thought I would fail
  • I didn’t want to experience the frustration of being a beginner

At times I did look like a fool, I did fail, and I did get frustrated, but it has been worth those things a million times over.

I wonder…how much more it has cost me to protect my ego?



6 thoughts on “The Cost of No

  1. Starve the ego, feed the soul. I love that!

    Happy Tuesday!


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  2. I really relate to this post, I too just learned to play tennis 3 years ago and I wish i had applied myself years ago to learn the game I love so much now. thanks for the post it resonates with me.

  3. Good for you! I often ask myself the same questions, how much have I sacrificed over the years because of fear? Thanks for writing this. Keep saying yes. 🙂

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