I Am a Hijacker

I hijack your story and talk about what happened to me.

I hijack the conversation and turn it my direction.

I hijack the situation and make it about me.

I hijack the mistake or oversight and call it malicious.

I hijack the opportunity to learn and carry it away as a burden.

I hijack your efforts to help and make you the villain.

I am fear.

I have forgotten that no one can steal my peace unless I turn it over to them.

I have forgotten that I compete with no one for my worth.

I have forgotten the value of you and the value of me.

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5 thoughts on “I Am a Hijacker

  1. Reblogged this on Leadership Strikes and commented:
    Give this some thought…and, perhaps, going forward, carry on in a different manner.

  2. Reblogged this on sunfire and thunderstorms and commented:
    Sounds like my mother. Probably the best explanation of her right now.

  3. Wow. So many people need to hear this; especially in light of current events. What was going through your mind when you wrote it?

    • Just wanted to write a little more about these common things we do as humans instead of listening, and why. Politicians are not the only ones who screw up here. It seems that we all talk about our parents, our kids, or our spouses not listening or being narcissists. No one has a corner on the market.

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