This Potent Millisecond

When Dan Millman was coaching and transforming the Stanford Gymnastic Team, a rival coach asked him if his team meditated before the competitions. He answered, “No, they meditate during the competition.”

The team had became legendary because they were exploiting the explosive force of laser focus, one millisecond at a time.

When my life becomes inefficient it is often because I have allowed my captured soul to be dragged into the tomb of dead moments that feed on fear of the next, so close, but so far from now, the only moment essential for the bold explosive birth of the future I desire.


It is almost a form of greed, isn’t it? To reject this moment that I now hold, because I desperately want that next one.

8 thoughts on “This Potent Millisecond

  1. It was a pleasure. Very interesting and provocative! Keep up the good work and thank you for inspiring others!

  2. Those last two sentences are powerful.

    • Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! I have actually been thinking about those words for many years because they are a graphic reminder to me. I wrote them in a poem and keep them on my wall. I’m glad they came to mind when I was writing this post.

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