Got Faulty Social Assumptions?

  1. Think someone is rude or doesn’t care because they don’t smile, say much, or initiate conversation?

Don’t be so sure.

Introverts may be interested in you, but…

  • “Thinkers” like to process before they speak and assess before they connect.
  • “Feelers” are good listeners and are concerned about saying the wrong thing.

2.  Think someone is arrogant because they talk too much or monopolize the conversation?

Maybe not.

  • “Talkers” try to make others feel comfortable by filling up the airspace. They may not realize until later that they didn’t leave any room for others.
  • “Doers” think they are helping by taking charge because they think in terms of action.

3. Think your outgoing partner is flirting?

Not necessarily.

  • Outgoing “talkers” and “doers” get their energy from socialization. It may be completely innocent.



4 thoughts on “Got Faulty Social Assumptions?

  1. Not everything is how it seems first. I like it! I also have many thoughts about different related ideas. Feel free to take a look at my blog 🙂 Cheers from the Netherlands!

  2. What a way to enlighten us on another perspective. I think we could benefit more from doing this.

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