Low Stakes

Some important, yet terrible lessons come in the high-stakes arena of life and death, survival and extinction, hope against hope and dark despair. However, most of us are given opportunities to learn valuable lessons when stakes are low.

Examples of my painful, low-stakes, learning opportunities:

  1. Being kicked out of, and rejected by certain groups (although painful, no one threatened to chop off my head).
  2. Being completely hurt and taken off guard by those I loved (although devastated, no one took my children away and tortured them).
  3. Losing money, work, promotions, and contests to seemingly unworthy opponents (although disheartened, I was not thrown into prison for losing).

Awareness of those who deal with high-stake losses yields rare maturity versus the all-too-common self-pity.

Don’t let small, unworthy

Rising to transform

4 thoughts on “Low Stakes

  1. Love this perspective. Your posts help me so much!



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  2. Thank you so much for saying that! So glad the blogs help someone!

  3. Pam,
    Your blogs help 3000+ someones !!!

  4. Thanks Gary! Always my best supporter!

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