Waves of Emotion

The encouraging thing about a wave is that it is temporary.

When I am feeling overwhelmed by waves of sadness or anxiety, it’s important to remember that.

When something doesn’t happen that I thought would happen or something happens that I thought wouldn’t happen, I can get depressed or…I can ride it out.

Learning to ride the waves is a lot more fun than letting them crash upon my head, pull me under, or roll me up into a wounded ball onto the beach.

untitled (76)

I always wanted to learn to surf. It is not too late to do so.

5 thoughts on “Waves of Emotion

  1. Once I realized this, I started to use it EVERY time that I felt low. Just knowing that it HAS to pass, makes it so much more bearable. I think about everything that I endured and how little it effects me today – and its enough to help me move forward.

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