Disappointment Protection

If we are driven to succeed by a desire to prove ourselves to someone else, to say “I told you so,”  or by a desire to out-do another’s achievements, we are guanteed a certain result: an empty sucking feeling at the end — regardless of how “great” we’ve become.

“Safe success” has no negative side effects, leaves no sticky residue, and doesn’t leave us squirming in our own mental confusion or emotional upheaval.

Safe success is driven by a desire to fully manifest our power and potential for good.

Want happiness that lasts? Drop the drama. Forget the fallacy of trying to gain another’s approval. Throw off the tentacles of competition.


“Strong and content I travel the open road.” – Walt Whitman



3 thoughts on “Disappointment Protection

  1. I needed to hear this right now. You have no idea lol

  2. I needed to hear that you needed to hear that right now! Thanks for being open

  3. praying for relief for u

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