Infrastructure Spoiled Brats

“It was as if for all of their time on earth they had been half asleep, and now, finally, they knew what it meant to be awake.”

– Chris Jones, Out of Orbit

This quote regarding astronauts Ken Bowersox and Don Pettit’s reaction to their first spacewalk, reminds me to look around with fresh eyes at colors, at gravity, at water, and at the unbelievably elaborate infrastructure that supports everything I do.

Entitlement robs us of amazement.

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Thank you WordPress for this infrastructure of information sharing, thank you geeks for inexpensive computers, thank you builders, laborers, street painters, grocery store clerks, electricians, civil servants, truck drivers, teachers, nurses, technicians, librarians, publishers, Wal-Mart stockers, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

4 thoughts on “Infrastructure Spoiled Brats

  1. Ha ha ha ha 😀 True too, just set it down anywhere. And thank you, everyone. 😉

  2. Entitlement comes from comparison. Comparison kills contentment.

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