“Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen”

Is there anything more beautiful than a person who shows you kindness when you are suffering terribly from the lack of it?

Yet, these beautiful people are rare.

Suicidal, Kevin Hines walked across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. He made a deal with himself that if someone showed him kindness before he made it across, he wouldn’t jump. Right before he came to the end, a woman walked toward him with a smile, but, only to ask him to take a picture of her. After the woman walked away without even noticing him, he jumped.

Surviving (by the help of a sea lion), he now has become the kind person for others who feel like jumping.

Beautiful people don’t just happen. They suffer first.


4 thoughts on ““Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen”

  1. I cant wait to read this. How was it?

  2. I haven’t read the book yet, just read articles and will hear him speak next week in Dallas.

  3. Wow, that’s inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

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