Missing Nature? Missing Simple Pleasures? Missing Joy?

Reading the book Blackout by Sarah Hepola reminded me how addictions kill our ability to experience simple pleasures. This is one of the best reasons I can think of to get sober. Although, when we are addicted to substances, or to lying, or to possessions, or to simple hatred, we believe that letting go of these things will kill us. Ironically, hanging on to them will rob us of every simple delight this world has to offer.

I wrote this short poem years ago to express my disappointment with my own mother’s emotional absence:


My mother came to see me

but she didn’t

she looked at fear and anger instead

while angels waited


Each of us is subject to this type of blindness. Act now to…



untitled (83)


3 thoughts on “Missing Nature? Missing Simple Pleasures? Missing Joy?

  1. I drank to hide the image
    That my mind did think was true
    I struggle to work through
    The fear and pain the images
    made me see who I thought was you

    I drank to survive those images
    Because I could not handle the pain
    I hide from reality at times
    When those images are made into you

    Those images may always be there
    But that does not ever mean
    That the fear and pain of life
    Have to dictate how I see you

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