Lives Are Not Tidy

Resumes don’t tell the whole story, do they? We leave out things about bad endings, disagreements, detours, and mucked up stuff.

Our life stories are the same.

One of my heroes is Dorothy Day. She did a lot of good for a lot of people. I’ve read her autobiography and a big fat biography by a trustworthy historian. I watched documentaries and have seen a movie about her. Yet, The Road to Character contained new, not-so-flattering information that Dorothy Day admitted she left out of her story.

None of our lives are storybook quality. None. Not one.

That gives me three freedoms:

  1. To forgive myself
  2. To accept others, flaws and all
  3. To lighten up with my expectations


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2 thoughts on “Lives Are Not Tidy

  1. Just watched ‘Olive Kitteridge’ Talk about a truthful story about a real, less than perfect woman. Extremely good film about real life. My humble opinion.

  2. Yes, I have watched Olive and read the book. Very real and very sobering. Delightful only if we are honest and real with ourselves, huh? Nice to hear from you Kerman!

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