When to Expect Rewards


I don’t know why this is true, but it seems to be the experience of those whom I admire. Life asks regular humans to push past what they think is possible, reasonable, or doable in order to find the hero lying dormant within them.

Today I heard myself think, I can’t handle this anymore. I stopped and changed my self-talk to I can do whatever life is requiring of me. Immediately I noticed tangible changes in my body:

  1. The “butterflies” in my stomach settled
  2. My mind quit racing
  3. My pulse decreased
  4. My breathing became less shallow

Labeling what is happening to me as “normal” instead of “unfair,” “unreasonable,” or “unhealthy” is my first step to stability. Stability must proceed tenacity. And tenacity always proceeds rewards.

One thought on “When to Expect Rewards

  1. Pam. Great post!!!!! “I can handle whatever life is requiring of me!” I also love the use of the words proceeds in the last sentence!!

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