Remembering Why I Was Born

On this day (which happens to be the day I arrived to an already crazy, mixed-up, caring, and passionate family in Long Beach, California) I want to do what I was born to do; give love and be love to this world in my (very specialized) way.

Freud says that every human must have two things: love and meaningful work. I struggled to find both until finding this: when I quit struggling and just gave willingly (no strings attached), love and meaningful work came to me.

Birthdays used to be difficult because they never met my (wanting to feel special) expectations. Now, they are marvelous because I changed the question to…

images (13)

Today I am inspired to do what fellow blogger, StephJ suggests. Check it out in her Acts-of-Kindness blog…

One thought on “Remembering Why I Was Born

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    Inspiration from Pam Boyd’s Two-Minute Tune-Up blog.

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