Want Less Drama?

Tip #1


(Humor courtesy of ZERODEAN.COM)

I love being around people who make efforts such as this to take themselves a little less seriously!

Now, I know that this approach would not be an appropriate response in, let’s say, unfortunate and serious circumstances as death, war, and refugee camps, for instance, but, for so many of our “first-world” problems, this response is not only appropriate but the wisest and most therapeutic approach we could take.

Just think how much healthier the “airspace” would be if we all practiced this tip for one single day!

I’ll do it if you will!

6 thoughts on “Want Less Drama?

  1. I never take myself too seriously. Do not care a thing for being over dramatic. So;, lets clear the airspace.

  2. I could have used this advice earlier today :/

  3. Never too late to start. Sorry for ur trial though!

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