Taking on Too Much?

Waking from nightmares of frantic chaos, trying to fix things that won’t fix, caught in mucky situation after mucky situation, attempting to drive in roller-coaster conditions,  my first thought was where did that come from? Have I been frantic about trying to fix everything myself? Have I been complaining that people and things are not cooperating with me?

Duh. Yes.

The answer to my anxiety is not; I need more sleep and a vacation. Rather, the answer is; I need a vacation from myself!

untitled (93)

I can only get the rest I need by letting go of things I cannot control.


Did I forget that I was only in charge of love?

Loving my life this minute.

Loving God in others versus trying to play God for others.

9 thoughts on “Taking on Too Much?

  1. Great insight. I encourage my clients to make a chart. On the vertical line write “my ability to control the outcome” and on the horizontal line write “how much I care about the outcome.” Consider what you are spending your time on against this chart. Your efforts should be focused on high control – high care.

  2. Wow! You are good! Thank You for this!!! I will print this one also and put it on my desk.

  3. Wow. Very good post. I have tried my whole life to take on too much responsibility and solve problems for every one I encountered. But, guess what, as the years go by I have decided I have to take care of myself and my family. One person cannot help everyone, they too can solve their problems. Love yourself, your life, your family and help others in small ways when you have the time and energy. God is a major part of my life and through prayer I turn a lot of problems over to Him.

  4. Love this post too. I often have dreams of everything getting worse the harder I try. Great advice.

    Happy Monday!


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    • You too Sean! Same here, the more frantic I get, the more people and things won’t cooperate with me. Such resemblance to real life. The brilliance of our subconscious in dreams! Happiest Monday ever to you.

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