“Leap Before You Look”


The sense of danger must not disappear:

The way is certainly both short and steep.

However gradual It looks from here;

Look if you like, but you will have to leap.

This stanza from W.H. Auden’s poem is certainly about risky love, but the sentiment can be applied to a multitude of decisions in our lives that will take us off the beaten path, away from the mundane, and into a more adventurous, fulfilling life.

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to becoming that person we admire.

We can’t kid ourselves forever. Living vicariously through movies, games, books, fantasy, or our children will never be enough.

Today, I wish that courage to leap for you and for me.



Chardin was not advocating recklessness: only courage.

4 thoughts on ““Leap Before You Look”

  1. So very, very true. And how many people live their lives without trying to make it better? Most people never think about being a better, more kind, more compassionate human being. Greed…. Those that contemplate it, work harder and are much better, much nicer people to be around. Shame there aren’t more people in the world contemplating life.

    • Sometimes I am that person. One day courageous, the next day playing solitaire. One day passionate, the next day hiding. Thanks for your encouragement to keep reaching and jumping.

  2. Takes a lot of courage to leap. I am not sure I would jump across as shown in the first photo, but I have taken a lot of leaps of faith in my life. Keeps life interesting. Nice post.

  3. Thanks again Dissylizzie! I wrestle daily with leaping and crawling backwards.

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