The Scariest Things

The roots of all man-made (or woman-made) terror:

  1. Hatred
  2. Duplicity
  3. Greed
  4. Jealousy
  5. Bitterness
  6. Arrogance
  7. Deception
  8. Ignorance
  9. Selfishness
  10. Bigotry

And nothing is more terrifying than when I find these things in myself.



Have a happy (and honest) Halloween!

3 thoughts on “The Scariest Things

  1. All the bad traits of man that you have mentioned are horrible. It takes work, each and every day, to overcome evil thoughts and actions that plague us as human beings. My avenue out of these terrible things that we do is faith in God, daily prayer, and my mother’s words in my head telling me to do the best I can and be a good person.

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    Hallowed Halloween Reflection

  3. Hello Pam, nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Congratulations.

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