Inner Peace Is More Than a Personal Preference

I’ve never met anyone who said they didn’t want to have peace. Duh.

But, after reading the Holocaust biography of Etty Hillesum I realized that “peace” was not just nice to have, but also a moral duty to acquire. This quote helps me understand how my peace (or lack of it) spills out onto the world.

Obviously, the Holocaust or a shooting spree at a school doesn’t spring from a soul at peace. Likewise, it is important for me to recognize, when I live my life with a turbulent or troubled soul, no neighbor, relative, friend, or foe will be immune to negative repercussions from that state.


If Etty Hillesum could find and reclaim “large areas of peace” under the constant, horrific threat of death and deprivation, so can I.

3 thoughts on “Inner Peace Is More Than a Personal Preference

  1. Nice post. Peace seems to come into your life more as you age. As you age you begin to stop looking at each little mole hill problem in your life as some giant mountain you have to conquer. It helps to go to a quiet, happy place and just sit still until peace comes into your soul and causes your mind to calm down. Peace also comes when you stay away from the hyper people who cause stress in your life. Ha

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