Transitioning into a Meaningful LIFE (VIDA)


The events of 9-11 jarred Naveed Jamali into doing something more meaningful with his life.

His entertaining, down-to-earth story reminded me how common it is to coast along, following a prescribed path from thing to thing to thing without really discovering a passionate path toward contribution. Naveed’s life radically changed when he fully surrendered to this pursuit. So will ours.

VIDA is Spanish for life. It is also an acronym for a tool I use to help clients focus on improvement:


I- Inspiration



As a daily 5-minute exercise,

  • Visualize what you want your life to be
  • Get Inspired (borrow inspiration online if you have to)
  • Define your Direction with at least one action step
  • Analyze what is working and what’s not

Prepare for lift-off.

4 thoughts on “Transitioning into a Meaningful LIFE (VIDA)

  1. Thank You for sharing your wisdom, Pam. This is a gem!

  2. Thanks Pam…I needed this reminder this morning. Now i’m ready for liftoff!!!

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