The Simple Shift

First step out of hell (my personal hells of all varieties) has been the shift from the trappedpitiful-victim state to the watch-me-take-charge-of-what-I-can-control state.

Self-pity is such a sucking bogus hole.

The second step or third step isn’t even available until this simple shift takes place.

Once I stop playing the poor-suffering-me tape or the I-can’t-believe-they-did-that-to-me tape, I can navigate freely around my life again.

images (78)

images (79)

8 thoughts on “The Simple Shift

  1. Nice!!! Hit’s you right between the eyes!

  2. Thanks Bern! Best day ever to you “taking charge of what you can control!”

  3. I can relate to the person with tears being collected into a glass. I’m so emotional!

  4. This was amusing and yet kind of depressing at the same time. For some reason it became that much more amusing. Love the pictures you chose.

    • Thank you again, and thanks for not being offended by my tongue-in-cheek approach to a very serious subject. I was mocking myself as much as anyone else. Spent way to much time posing for those pics. haha

  5. This is how I’m feeling right now. Its kept me in a writing slump for a while. I’m trying to get out of it 😦

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